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10 Unbelievable Animal Attack Stories!

12 Feb 2020

Top 10 people who were viciously attacked by wild animals
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We humans like to think of ourselves as standing atop the evolutionary pecking order among all of the planet's species. Not only do we feast on the meat of most other animals, but we keep them as pets and observe them as cute and endearing playthings.

But in spite of how we may fancy ourselves, this power dynamic isn't always in play. We are neither the strongest, largest nor fastest species on Earth. While we may reign as the smartest, that intelligence becomes significantly less of an asset when facing a grizzly bear while armed with little more than your bare hands. Smarts may help prevent you from becoming food in the event of a bear attack, but luck undoubtedly plays a role as you vulnerably hope that the bear isn't sufficiently motivated to make you its dinner.

Indeed, a routine trip to the zoo brings you into close contact with plenty of creatures that can kill you. Those cages and pens that maintain a safe distance between human onlookers and zoo residents, after all, protect more from the inside out than the outside in. We offer our due respect and reverence to some of the more ferocious of nature's creatures, but in doing so, lose sight of the fact that every animal has an innate wild side, regardless of how tame and domesticated they may seem. When they enter a state of agitation, be it inspired by hunger, fear or anger, they can return to their innate, instinctive, animalistic essence.

That's exactly what happened in these 10 incidents, with tragic ramifications. These animal attacks came from a variety of different species and under a wide array of different circumstances. However, consistent across all 10 was a basic scenario wherein the animal sensed a threat or opportunity and it's carnal instincts took over, be they protective, defensive or simply hunger-inspired. And in each case, there wasn’t much that the human could do in response to the emergence of those instincts. Not all of these incidents resulted in fatal consequences, but many do, so be warned. Each one did, however, involve a human rendered largely helpless in the wake of a ferocious assault.

One of the easy answers here is to further curb the ownership of exotic animals, as chimpanzee attack victim Charla Nash has publicly called for. After all, it is impossible to properly duplicate the natural habitat and environmental living conditions that wild animals are raised in, creating a dangerous cocktail of a powerful, unpredictable animal operating within a contained setting. That may explain some of the scenarios that played out through this list, but the potential for danger even looms in tamer animals. Along with feared species like tigers, gators and snakes, this list also includes attacks by traditionally friendly, docile breeds like elephants and stingrays.

So be forewarned: animals are an unpredictable bunch, with behavior that can quickly turn atypical if presented with an unfamiliar, foreign environment or situation. We may mean them no harm, but they don’t always know that and may act accordingly. That lesson comes unfortunately too late for these 10 animal attack victims.

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